Advisory Services

Zielonka offers consulting services to a range of institutions. His work is guided by the values of creativity, connection, and capital, and his years of experience in global management consulting.  

About my consulting practice

As an independent management consultant, I deliver evidence-based and results-oriented strategic advisory services to Fortune 500, not-for-profit, and government institutions. I consult with clients on a wide range of issues, including strategy, operations, digital technology, security, risk, and communications. 

What clients can expect

Today’s global economy favors those who can anticipate shifts in the market and identify and capitalize on new opportunities. I help clients recognize and respond to signals of disruption in order to improve operational performance and financial results. 

I collaborate with clients in identifying and framing the problem statement that drives my approach to the case. I develop insights, recommendations, and solutions on the basis of integrative and interdisciplinary thinking. My value comes in helping clients uncover the relevant questions that lead to hypothesis-driven analysis and empirically validated decisions.  

How I work

My clients hire me because they want to introduce new ways of thinking into their organization, want a more personalized consulting experience than one gets from large firms, or are in a position that demands high quality analysis and recommendations under time constraints. 

In working with clients I adhere to three core values: 


I believe that in order to succeed in the new economy, organizations need new, validated, evidence-based approaches to management to solve their most pressing business problems. This means anchoring decision-making on the universality of knowledge and applying an open source framework in reaching conclusions.


Meaningful relationships and meaningful work power the world. I try to connect people, organizations, and ideas in efforts to help clients seize opportunities and extract new value from their investments and operations.


In addition to financial capital, social, political, ethical, intellectual, and environmental capital all build and compound over time. Some are more accessible or fungible than others, but all are necessary. I help clients generate, invest, and operationalize capital in all its configurations.

Some closing thoughts

The guidance I offer is differentiated, direct, and actionable. The efficacy of my research and recommendations are based on the returns our clients receive from their investments. I partner with clients as a trusted advisor, and try to bridge the divide between consultant and client by cultivating relationships built on trust, integrity, and transparency.

Unlike many consulting firms, I take a discerning approach to framing the case so that my deliverables address not what I what I would like to think the problem is, but what the client and I identify as actually being the problem. This necessitates that I apply tailored models when structuring my thinking, rather than rely upon preexisting frameworks useful only within narrow contexts.

I aspire to provide elegant, comprehensible, easily understood insights, recommendations, and critical analysis on clients’ thorniest, most complex issues. To do this, I take on engagements only where I believe I can instantiate meaningful and measurable client value.